Newly appointed Zanaco FC Interim head coach, Wedson Nyirenda has admitted that his top priority is to stabilize the team and avoid relegation.

The Bankers are currently going through a rough patch this season after going eight games without a win.

Nyirenda was speaking to journalists at Sunset after Tuesday morning training session when he openly admitted that the league was already beyond his team’s reach and focus is now on surviving relegation.

"Winning the title, I think this year is out, our objective is to stabilize the team by bringing them back to respectable position as at now we’re in a very very peculiar state. We need to pull all the efforts from everyone and take the team from the doldrums where it is and then from there we’ll start thinking of the next chapter.

"I’ve seen a lot that has happened with the team, I’ve watched many games, the will power hasn’t been there in the players, the intensity of the game has been too low, a lot of turnovers in the team. You win the ball, you lose it immediately without using it, so that way I think the opponents have taken advantage of that.

"They can be some reasons behind it, but we cannot talk about it, we need to try and check the face of the team first and then at the end of the season we can now give a comprehensive report," he told journalists

Nyirenda who is coming to Zanaco FC as a coach for the third time said that Zanaco FC is his home and he’ll definitely find a formula to get the team back to where it belongs with the help of every member of the team and insisted that there will be no excuse for the team to fail to meet targets set if players can give him their very best.

"First of all, we’ll try to give back the confidence to the players. The players are lacking confidence. It is natural, you cannot go eight games as a big team without winning, you find that the confidence is at lowest.

"Some players will even be shunning to play games, so we need to encourage every player to come on board in training try to motivate everyone making them feel the sense of belonging," he said

"It’s a very difficult time that we’re in, you may lose it or you gain it, if we can get four positions up from where we’re, it’ll be better for us from now then we come and look for other things afterwards," he added

Zanaco FC are currently 13th on the log just one place above the relegation zone with 34 points from 28 matches.


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