Zanaco Coach, Wedson Nyrienda, expressed confidence in his team as they prepares for tomorrow’s match against Zesco United.

“We’ve diligently prepared for this match. In our previous game, we had issues with ball control, but we’ve addressed that, and our team is now well-prepared. Zesco is a side that prioritizes ball possession over running.”

Nyrienda also commended the rapid progress of his young players.

“As we continue to build our team, our young talents are performing admirably. I believe they won’t be intimidated by Zesco, despite it being one of Zambia’s prominent clubs.”

He emphasized that facing a team like Zesco United is manageable.

“In matches of this significance, planning is simplified because you’re up against a team coached by someone who understands the game. It’s easier to anticipate their tactics and strategize accordingly. What’s essential is the determination of our players.”

The Bankers will host Zesco United in an early kick-off at 1 pm at Nkoloma Stadium in Lusaka.

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