Pre-Match Quotes
Zesco United vs Zanaco FC


"I have inherited a team that has not been doing very well in the recent past, to be specific I think eight games without a win, obviously that will draw the confidence levels of the players lower. I think it is only fair that I just try to motivate the players at this time."

"I think I’ve spotted some potential players, the only thing that I have to do is to work with the players at hand. From what have seen from Tuesday, there’s been a lot of output from the players. I like the confidence and character, so I think we’re going to have a good game tomorrow."

"There isn’t much that I can change, I think as at now as we can see we’re in the evenings of the league, that’s six games to go, there are no big changes that I can make. All I can do is to try and instill back the confidence in each and every player and give them the freedom to play."

"We’ll be very cautious on our game tomorrow, we’re not going to open up for them, we’re not going to give them too much respect, we know they’re a good team, we’ll respect them, but we’re not going to fear them."

"We need this game more than they do, so it’s up to us to impose ourselves on them as we do that we have to be cautious knowing the caliber and character that they have."

"Salulani is a seasoned player and he is equally a very important player to the team with co-operation from others, I think he’ll lead us into a good game."

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