Members from Zanaco Bank and Zanaco FC inspected the construction works of dressing rooms and other facilities at Sunset yesterday July 8, 2022.

The Zanaco delegation led by Ethen Kamwi from Facilities Department and Zanaco FC General Manager Modest Hamalabbi inspected works at the stadium before the handover is done by the contractor.

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Phase one of the upgrade works on the dressing rooms at the Sunset stadium have been completed with the contractors now making final touches.

The delegation inspected the home/away change rooms, conference hall, storeroom, medical room, ball boys’ and referees change rooms.

The contractor has indicated that works are near completion with about 90 percent of the work already done.

“What is remaining is just the finishing phase that will soon begin.

We have completed the first phase we will soon be prepared to commence the second phase of works that will include various furnishings, fittings and accessories for changing, conference, medical and store rooms and also landscaping and other decorations.” Said the site manager.

Upgrades have been done in order to meet the minimum CAF requirements.

All works are expected to be completed before the start of the 2022/23 soccer season.

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