Sensational Zanaco FC Acting General Manager, Roy Mutombo has told that several players could be on the way out as some have already left the club as the team plan to undergo reorganisation in off-season.

“Apart from Roger Kola who joined AZAM in the Tanzanian league, Belchance Makiese, Kebson Kamanga and Tiberius Lombard have already left the club.” Said Mutombo.

Mutombo also said that Emmanuel Okutu and Mwansa Nsofwa, who spent last season on loan at Buildcon, had left the club after their contracts were not renewed. 

He added that the club was weighing up offers it has received for Moses Phiri, who has one year remaining on his contract. 

“Kola left because his contract ended and he opted not to renew. We had been in talks with him to have it renewed eight months prior, but negotiations with his agency broke down because we considered that their were high demands of which we could not meet.

We also considered the best interests of the player, so we thought that it was good for him to retire at a good foreign club,” said Mutombo. 

“As a club we are in business so we will accept a good offer that will be in the best interests of the player.”

Mutombo added that the club was reorganising itself to move towards meeting the quota on foreign players as proposed by the Football Association of Zambia (FAZ). 

“We had fourteen foreign players on our books, but as we head into the new season and beyond, we will reduce on that number so that we only have five foreign players by the end of 2022.”

“Emmanuel Okutu, Belchance Makiese and Tiberius Lombard’s contracts were not renewed after they ended last month.

“However, there is one foreign player whose contract has already ended and we are still in talks with his agency to have his contract renewed.”

Mutombo further stated that the shake up at the club saw Mwansa Nsofwa and Kebson Kamanga leaving at the end of their respective contracts last month. 

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